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Neurosciency Friday: The silver lining of neurosis, Tetris health benefits, “no mobile phone” phobia, and more

It has been a while since I last wrote a post for Neurosciency Friday (not that Fridays have stopped being neurosciency).  Anyway, let’s get to the science news: – The LA Times discusses the silver lining of neurosis and research at the University of Utah which seeks to understand the neural underpinnings of religious experiences. – Science magazine reports the results of a group of … Continue reading

Neurosciency Friday: James Bond, Lobotomies, and more

It’s time for this week’s installment of Neurosciency Friday (inspired by NPR Science Friday!), in which I bring you science news and tidbits from around the web!  – Three British scientists analyzed James Bond’s drinking habits, and found that 007 ingested 92 units of alcohol per week, and it’s possible that he wanted his martinis “shaken, not stirred” due … Continue reading