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Recipe: Lazy girl’s single-serve brownie

Disclaimer: In case you don’t already know this from reading my blog, I tend to be the laziest person…ever. So lazy that brownies for dinner sometimes often seems like a good idea.  Well, that’s either laziness or an epic sweet tooth, but let’s just go with the laziness theme, k? So I was excited to randomly … Continue reading

Fancy Brunch Place ™ Eggs Benedict

The last time I was in New York City, I got brunch with a friend and we both ordered eggs benedict — one of my all-time favorite brunch meals!  I was beyond psyched to find a recipe for a lightened up version.  I’ve already made it three times this week! Eggs Benedict adapted from skinny … Continue reading

breakfast pancakes

breakfast pancakes

This photo is of my breakfast a few days ago. Looks like a mess, but it was delicious. 🙂

I am making a concerted effort to cook my own meals again. Sure, while it’s fun (and certainly not time-consuming) to eat energy bars all the time, that’s not really a good habit to cultivate. I find myself hungry way too often, and I end up eating bars instead of actual meals with fruits, veggies, grains, etc. Plus, I somehow started drinking coffee to make up for being tired all the time. Mind you, I’m not a regular coffee drinker (though i do enjoy the occasional pumpkin spice latte!!) so I’m putting an end to that madness.

The other day I made myself pancakes for breakfast. Latte with 3T irish creamer on the side. The pancakes turned ou a little fragile, probably because I was too impatient to let them cook all the way through, or maybe I added too much water. Anyway, with a bit of PB and my mom’s pear jam, they were delicious. The recipe was from

Today to prep for the week I also made raw pasta sauce (yeow, it’s going to need some tweaking), quinoa with veggies, and butternut squash fluff (pureed butternut squash, heated, with a few Tbsps of almond butter mixed in (optional add-in: maple syrup). Sounds crazy, tastes like a creamy spread that can be eaten by itself or on toast.

Another awesome discovery of the week: 1/4c sweetened greek yogurt + 2T peanut butter = frosting. Going to have to try to work that into my breakfasts this week … stay tuned ;).

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summertime is for creamsicles

I interrupt months of blog silence (oops.) to bring you this special announcement. Not really, just a recipe for creamsicle soft-serve. I will readily admit that I don’t even really like creamsicles that much, and I never understood the pull of Orange Julius (supposedly they’re still a thing … somewhere), that place at the mall … Continue reading