Hello there and welcome to my blog!  I’m Neurosciency, a twenty-something grad student/writer living in DC.  I write about fashion, food, fitness, and whatever else is interesting, probably including science nerdery.  My obsessions include: vanilla-scented things, dark denim, pencil skirts, running, my cat, green tea, long cardigans, and peanut butter.

Questions, comments, concerns, rants?:

neurosciency [at] gmail [dot] com



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Just wanted to say how happy I was you tried my Tandoori Chicken Pizza recipe! Glad it turned our well for you.

    Love to hear more about science nerdery! 🙂

  2. hi! i just found you via my petite fashion challenge post 🙂 i am so happy to find another girl in science! i majored in neuro for undergrad and now i’m in med school. i cannot wait to see your outfit and watch you develop your personal style!

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