Recent purchases and a life update

Hey, happy holidays!

I last posted about bralettes in July and wow, so much has happened in the world since then, that it’s almost comical that I completely disappeared from the Internet — again. We have a new president, and — actually, wait, that’s pretty much it.

I also finally landed an internship, but unfortunately (for my shopping habit, anyway) it’s unpaid.  To all of my blog readers out there — I will get a job eventually, I promise.  Hopefully, you will be one of the first people to know about it, since I will obviously also need new clothes.  So let’s be optimistic and say that eventually I will finally start shopping at Anthropologie again.

Until I rejoin the world of gainful (actual) employment, I have been finding some pretty sweet deals on clothes.  I also recently signed up for Swagbucks, which is a website that I complete surveys on to have some extra Starbucks money.  I definitely recommend it, but only if you have a lot of spare time on your hands, because the surveys get kind of obnoxious after you have not qualified for several of them in a row and have therefore wasted your time.  Haha, I should probably give up Starbucks instead of completing interminable surveys, but people complain about going to Starbucks and spending $4 on a latte so much that I already feel guilty going there, even though it is basically my only self-care ritual besides running.  Whatever, I can buy a $4 latte AND do good things in the world.  Pfft.

Anyway, here are a few of my recent purchases!  The sales have been really amazing lately.  Perhaps too great!  I think I have exhausted my shopping budget for the rest of the year.

The day-after-Thanksgiving sales for the items I wanted at Kohl’s, American Eagle, and The Body Shop were actually better than their Black Friday deals!  This was awesome, because I placed all of my orders on Friday (and was in line for about an hour at Kohl’s on Friday afternoon) so my post-Thanksgiving purchases arrived SUPER early!


American Eagle Outfitters Soft and Sexy Turtleneck Shirt.  I purchased this in the olive color.  It is pretty flowy and a bit thin (but not see-through), it looks more expensive than it was, and the olive green is really pretty.  I actually had to hunt down the olive color in a store in a random Dallas suburb, when I was travelling, because I don’t like blindly ordering stuff from the internet.  I am weird, but if you read this blog, you have probably already picked up on that.


American Eagle Outfitters Cubic Zirconia Earring Trio.  I actually wish this existed in pearl earring form, because I have been looking for pearl earrings of different sizes for probably a couple of years now.  Most pearl earrings (fake or real pearl!) are too small or too large for my taste.  But these fake diamonds will be perfect for the office, and I think they will go with everything.  I have a matching necklace that I bought at EXPRESS a while back that I love, as well, and as of writing this, it’s 50% off!  I am planning to accessorize a lot to add some variety to my outfits, but my office is all business attire, so it will be a challenge.  I hope that I can add some sparkle and color with jewelry that isn’t too flashy or showy.  That will be difficult, my love for huge earrings is no secret (you can find my huge showy earrings documented on my twitter).

Finally, The Body Shop was selling any three items for $33 on Black Friday (even their ginormous body butters), so I bought three of those in Olive, Moringa, and Argan Oil.  The scents are all very light and I am obsessed with these body butters since I have really dry skin in the wintertime.  I wanted to try the coconut scent, but it was sold out.  I don’t think my family and friends really like coconut, so perhaps it was for the best.

I was also gifted a really pretty and motivational bracelet from my Oiselle Volee Secret Santa.  You can find it here on etsy!  I wear it when I need an extra motivation boost and yes, every day makes me stronger — in running, and in life. 🙂



So, that’s about it.  I have spent the last several months in a frenzied state of applying to jobs and internships, and shopping like it is my job.  At least now that I will have an internship, I will not have time to shop so obsessively.

Thanks for reading!

Do you have any suggestions on how to dress to a business formal / business casual office?

Hope your weekend is great (and not too cold — it should be 20F here tomorrow, which is still warmer than a lot of places, but still too freezing for my taste).


One thought on “Recent purchases and a life update

  1. Congratulations on the internship! Ahh…I remember the days of interning for free! It will help you land a “real” job in the future though!

    I can offer no fashion advice because I am lucky enough to work in an environment where we can wear jeans every day. Some days I actually sleep at work and the next day I refuse to look in the mirror. I’m always jealous of those people who can look so put together every day!

    Have a happy holiday!

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