Splurge vs. Save: “Fancy” Lace Bralettes


I have been largely absent from my blog, but not for lack of shopping – in fact, I need to tone it down a bit a lot.  My closet now includes several unique pieces, which I picked up thanks to a combination of money and stress-shopping.  Not really a good combination.  However, it led to this purchase (from AEO, but not available anymore online):


American Eagle shoulder cut-out top.  Thank you, stress shopping.



Anyway, I was browsing the Express website today and I found some bralettes that are totally dupes of the hipster “Free People” and “For Love and Lemons brands”…which is what inspired today’s post.

I love bralettes because they’re uncomplicated and add a fun pop of lace and/or color to an outfit.   Sure, you probably can’t wear them to, say, job interviews, but they’re still awesome, in my book.



Free People Galloon Lace Bralette, $38.00 on the Free People website (actually, the dupe is of the Wild Roses Galloon Lace Racerback Bralette...but isn’t it crazy how many colors in which you can buy this item?  I often find myself wishing that retailers sold their clothes in a better color selection.  This Urban Outfitters bralette is available in green.  GREEN! Why am I so poor that a bright green bralette seems like the most amazing thing ever?


Wild Roses…wild roses…wild roses…grow faster (sung to the tune of “Wild Horses” by Bishop)


Express One Eleven Two-Tone Lace Bralette, $29.90


Only about $8 cheaper, but so identical I almost put the picture of the original FP bralette in this space.


I added a couple of these bralettes to my (extremely hypothetical) shopping cart, so that in the event of a sale, I will be the lucky recipient of a discounted Free People wannabe bralette.

The entire bralette market has really gotten out of control, in my opinion.  I don’t think that bralettes existed as a trend 10 years ago.  Now, they’re available almost everywhere.  I saw some incredibly stylish ones at Walmart the other day.  (Walmart!)


No Boundaries Lace Racerback Bra, $9.99


Back in my day, we wore dingy sports bras to school/work when we were feeling lazy and/or unconventional.  Actually, I still do this.  Oops.  I recall a day I went in for a research study wearing an old Oiselle sports bra, and the straps showed at my shoulders.  I got some disgusted and confused reactions from the experimenters.  Such is my life.

Nowadays, there are so many different intimates brands that they now seem to repeat each other, racing to the bottom (or top, depending on your price range) in a display of lacy frugality.   Just yesterday, I discovered that the Aerie Boho Plunge bralette and the “Vintage Doily Bralette” from the Christian retailer Altar’d State are basically identical.  I spent 30 minutes comparing the two items, detail by detail, until my brain no longer worked and life meant nothing outside of the world of stretchy lace…

In my hours and hours of tedious bralette research, I also concluded that, even though they probably barely resemble each other, this For Love and Lemons bralette, at $218, was approximated by this Express One Eleven collection bralette.

For those not in the know, the Express One Eleven collection features a lot of on-trend flowy knits in addition to a collection of the fun and flirty items I have just ranted about.  My excitement about this collection, though I have yet to buy anything from it, can definitely be described in One Eleven terms: omg!!!!1eleven.  Which is what the designers meant by naming it “Express One Eleven”, right?  Express!!!1eleven

Are you a fan of bralettes or have I just gotten way too obsessed with this trend?
Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Splurge vs. Save: “Fancy” Lace Bralettes

    • i think it just means i’m way too tuned in to youth fashion trends. maybe i’m regressing?! i do a lot of online window shopping at tween/college student brands since i’m so short – haha!

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