Ann Taylor Petite Lace Dress Review and Cold Weather Workout Attire Shopping

Happy new year!

It’s that time of year again for people to set new goals and tackle new challenges.  I tend not to set New Years resolutions, mostly because the task seems too daunting.  I just like to think I’m continuing my healthy habits goals awesomeness from the previous year.

One thing I love about January, though, is the after-Christmas sales.  With the last of my Christmas money, and to celebrate the (mostly) successful completion of my no-spend challenge, I picked up this sweet lace dress from Ann Taylor for $28 + shipping.


Ann Taylor Petite Lace Flare Dress

I ordered the dress in my normal size, and it fits true to size.   The waist is slightly higher than I expected, but seems to work well on my petite frame (empire waists are typically flattering on petites!).  The fact that the dress is both green and lace allows me to combine two of my favorite trends (my love of the Pantone 2013 color of the year, emerald, is no secret).

In addition to winter sale-shopping, I also really enjoy winter running.  The best part about winter is completing a long run in weather with a slight chill, returning to your house to warm with a hot cup of tea (or hot citrus nuun, as the case may be.  Yum!).

My love for shopping and winter running is not the best combination, though, because it lends itself to winter-running-clothes-shopping.  When I was in Philadelphia for the Philly Marathon, I stopped at a shopping center that happened to have a City Sports, and picked up a headband and a long sleeved running shirt.  I’m sad that City Sports is closing since I developed a special love for their CS for City Sports long-sleeve tech tees.

I also have a few winter running pieces from Oiselle.  I ran Philly in my sweet Portman Pants, which were perfect for the ~40F weather.  I also love my Lucky Long Sleeve top from last season, which features both thumbholes and pockets!  I am already considering the Bolt Long Sleeve and Lux Layer for next winter…


Lauren Fleshman modeling the Oiselle Bolt Long Sleeve.  Not entirely practical for my purposes, but super cute!

What do you love about winter / the New Year? Do you have any recommendations for winter running attire?

I hope this year brings you health, happiness, style, and/or PRs, as the case may be!


4 thoughts on “Ann Taylor Petite Lace Dress Review and Cold Weather Workout Attire Shopping

  1. Happy new year! This reminds me that I own a small pile of workout gear that needs to see more use. I just take long walks and forget to push myself in more strenuous ways that would actually produce real sweat 🙂

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