No-Spend Maytember Update

I posted earlier this year about my No-Spend Maytember challenge.  With the exception of a couple of splurges (yikes, I think I may have narrowly avoided an aerie habit), I’ve been able to avoid the lure of sales pretty well.

Recently, I stumbled upon Levo League’s list of 33 things to stop doing when you turn 30.  At #9 is “Buying anything and everything you want when shopping.”  So, I guess I am doing something right, after all.  Some of the other things on the list seem a little impossible (no fast food…like, ever?) but all in all, I think I will try to adhere to Levo League’s standards for awesomeness.

So, I will continue my no-shopping spree through the rest of 2015 – mostly out of necessity.  Instead of browsing the Anthropologie website in a stress-induced stupor every time I have a bad day, I try to distract myself with my less expensive hobbies — catching up on blogs/my favorite TV shows/music, trying out a new recipe, or going for a run.  Initially, I thought this challenge would be impossible, but it seems that not shopping-’til-I-drop has been great for my stress levels — and, of course, my bank account.

Bought / avoided buying anything lately?

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “No-Spend Maytember Update

  1. That is some good advice! I def go through phases when I spend and when I don’t spend. I think our culture as a whole is really good at spending. Trying to live on a budget, save money and live totally debt free only comes when I don’t spend on extra stuff! Now to convince my husband to do the same 😉

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