Chic on the Cheap: No-Spend Maytember 2015


Remember my No-Spend Maytember challenge last year?  Although I still ended up buying some things, I was moderately successful.  Fast forward to 2015 – I still need to remain cognizant of my spending habits (Not that I’m an impulsive or frivolous shopper by nature — I hate clutter.)

I really enjoyed the challenge of “remixing” my closet last summer, so, I’m bringing my no-spend challenge back.  Luckily, I’ve already done a pretty good job paring down my wardrobe to the more versatile, classic pieces.  I’ve also taken advantage of sales and promotions to add a few on-trend pieces.  So, I’m pretty happy with the state of my wardrobe right now.  I’ll still post my weekly favorites, and some outfits of the day.

Are you doing a no-spend challenge this summer/fall?

Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Chic on the Cheap: No-Spend Maytember 2015

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