Chic on the cheap: Recent Purchases

I have been trying to budgeting like a pro relatively financially savvy person (thanks,   So when my tax returns finally arrived, I couldn’t help but buy myself a few things (after I stowed away the rest, safe from my impulse-buying whims, of course).  The fact that it has been snowing and I couldn’t go to the gym for my treadmill sesh today probably contributed to what ended up to be a full day of online shopping.

Anyway, on to the purchases:

– EXPRESS Ribbed Sleeve Cover-up Sweater.  I was at the mall last week, so I stopped into EXPRESS for a bit, and ended up spending way too much time there, leaving with this super-soft and cozy cardigan.  I purchased the sweater in “warm stone,” which I think will be a pretty neutral, perfect for layering.



Nike Pro Victory Compression Sports Bra.  I replaced an old Saucony sports bra that I bought at Pacers a while ago…it had seen much better days.  I’ve written about how much I love Nike sports bras in a previous post.

– City Sports Heritage Skyline Tee.  The tee is available in so many different skylines (okay, like 4), and there are both men’s and women’s versions.  I bought the skyline tee of the cities in which I have run (all 3)!  I hope to get lots of use out of these tees.  Have running shoes, will travel…


The Boston skyline, on the Boston skyline tee shirt


Old  Navy Ponte Knit Sheath Dress.  I tried these dresses on in the store and they were of pretty great quality for the price.  The fact that they were sold in petite sizes online pretty much sealed the deal.  They seem extremely versatile for spring and summer.

Old Navy Active Half-Zip Pullover.  I bought this pullover at a brick-and-mortar Old Navy yesterday, but it’s actually 30% off on their website today (with coupon code PREVIEW).  I didn’t really need this pullover, but it will be useful for running on colder days, and I love that it has thumbholes.

OKC Marathon 5k.  I ran the 5k last year, and I can’t wait to run it again this year.  Hopefully, there won’t be thunderstorms raging to delay the race this year, but with Oklahoma weather, you never know.

– I also replenished my Nuun stash.  Since it’s been so chilly, I’ve been drinking it as a hot beverage (and, BTW, the citrus flavor is really good hot). Love that stuff!

Anyway, that’s it for shopping for me, for a while.  Since I have to be careful about my finances, I am going to be shopping my closet, again, so I will have to share some OOTDs.  That’s assuming I do anything besides go to the gym, watch The Voice (so good!) and work-from-home.  Not exactly the ideal sartorial conditions for a fashionista such as myself, but oh well.

What have you shopped for lately?

Have a great weekend!


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