Weekly Faves for August 21, 2014: Drama and details

Happy Monday!

This week’s favorites are a bit on the edgier side.  While it’s great to be perceived as a professional in the workplace, I find myself drawn to pieces that could totally add a bit of pizazz to an outfit.

Did I say pizzazz?  I meant DRAMA.  Like fun details…and pleather…but then I remember I’m in this seeking-gainful-employment thing for the long haul, and…impulse shopping for suits it is.

Sidenote, I spend far too much time devising hypothetical outfits I will wear to my future job.  I guess that even if I’m not dressing for the job I want, at least I’m thinking about it, so…brownie points?



banana republic dress // ann taylor tee // nordstrom leggings // missoni x converse sneakers // phyllis and rosie bracelet

What’s the most dramatic item of clothing you own?

I bought a gorgeous satin-y polyester peplum top with pleather piping last year from Ann Taylor (that I still haven’t worn, sigh) for only $10.  I will have to figure out a way to style it this fall after the heat and humidity subsides.

Have a great week!

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