Weekly faves for June 23: Sporty impulse buy edition

Happy Monday!

So I’m still on my self-imposed No-Spend Maytember challenge. So far, I’ve been doing pretty well — I even managed to cook two meals much to the surprise of my boyfriend without going to the grocery store.  (Sidenote, bbq sauce + veggies + chicken —(crockpot magic)—-> deliciousness.)

This week I finally broke down and bought a few things.  It still took a lot of effort not to throw the rest of my money away buy other stuff.   Anyway, here are my favorites this week:

Weekly Faves for June 23, 2014

Weekly Faves for June 23, 2014

1. The chain on my trusty Dogeared necklace is apparently not real gold/silver and is leaving green stains on my neck after my long runs.  So I decided to invest in a sweet Erica Sara Designs 26.2 necklace.  Eeee.

2.  Banana Republic was having a really awesome sale last week (40% off with code BRSUMMER until this evening) and I scored two more wrap dresses — one in aqua and one in a pretty cobalt.  Actually, I already own one in a cute flower print, but I … um … needed a couple more for work. Right.  A likely story. But hey, now I can finally dress like Kate Middleton.  Sort of.

3. Okay, I already own one of Lululemon’s fabulous Scoop Neck Tanks (I’ve had it for five years now — Lululemon lasts forever) so it took all my effort not to stock up when I spied them in the We Made Too Much Section.  I even tweeted about it.  Why I was reading the Lululemon website, well, that I will never know, especially since I’m not supposed to be buying clothes.  But oh well.

4. When I was at the race expo for the OKC Marathon I sampled some Kize bars, which are raw protein bars that are local to my awesome home state of OK.  They’re tasty and dessert-like so I ordered a few more to take with me to lab so that I won’t starve.  Because, you know, food is the last thing on your mind when you’re pipetting saliva (I mean, what? Oh, sorry, I forgot this is primarily a fashion blog).

5. New running kicks!  I literally bought these Adidas Marathon 10s in five seconds because they are green…and on sale (20% off with coupon code TRI, and free shipping).  I hope I can run in them.

6.  I am obsessed with nuun lately.  Gone are the days I would pour salt into my water after a long run.  At least for a while.  I really want to try the watermelon flavor (I am a watermelon freak, no joke).

What are your favorites this week?

Have a great one!


2 thoughts on “Weekly faves for June 23: Sporty impulse buy edition

  1. I love the colour of that Banana Republic dress! And you can’t go wrong with a wrap dress. And who doesn’t want to dress like the Duchess? 🙂

    Also, I swear there are fairies that come in and actually sprinkle something over the crockpot to make the jumbled things I throw in there edible!

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