Yet another Banana Republic x Marimekko post: Fitting room reviews

A few days ago I ventured all the way out to Tyson’s Corner for the new Banana Republic x Marimekko capsule collection.

My trip took three hours by metro.  It would have been less had I not stopped for Chipotle.



“Yeah, you have direction…to the mall.”



Incidentally, the collection appears to be restocked on the BR website.  Yup, I’ve been stalking the BR website lately…in case you couldn’t tell by my 1413424 (ok, 2) posts about it.


The Tyson’s Corner shopping center is a.may.zing.  There is an ENTIRE Banana Republic store for Petites.

hello, friend to petite ladies everywhere.

I was really really excited about this.  I always end up scrounging around the clearance racks at BR for people’s petite items that they have returned.  Haha.

I was so overwhelmed by my Tyson’s Corner shopping center experience that I excitedly told the BR Petites employee that I traveled all the way from DC for their new collection.

She didn’t say anything.

I really don’t get out much.

Oh well.

When life hands you lemons, you wear them.  Obviously…



Lemon Print Fit and Flare Dress (not br x marimekko)

I wanted to buy this dress.  But … of course … I didn’t.  The cute lemon print is also available as a skirt.

On to the Marimekko stuff:

For some reason, the Marimekko items were sized down a lot…at least 2 sizes from my normal BR size.  Yowza.  The Kivet Pleated Dress was cute, but not for $140.  Sorry, BR.  A girl’s got to be budget-conscious.


Kivet Pleated Dress

The Kivet dress was probably my favorite of the dresses.  LOVE the geometric print.

Then I tried on the peplum tops, which were made of an oddly thin fabric like something you could buy at Walmart.  So I passed.


Then I tried on some shorts.  I ended up leaving with the hampton short in Siirtulopuutarha print.  Very unique and I know I will wear them all summer.


I always really look forward to designer collaborations and capsule collections because it’s a lot easier on my budget than trying to save up my money to buy designer.  Plus I have a tendency to destroy fancy clothes… aie.

I did some internet sleuthing to find some more designer collaborations to look forward to:

Altuzarra for Target – September 14

Alexander Wang for H&M – November 6

Are you waiting patiently for any designer collabs that I don’t know about (i.e. most of them)?

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Yet another Banana Republic x Marimekko post: Fitting room reviews

  1. I kind of want that lemon skirt now. Not the dress.

    I tried looking at the Marimekko collection but the only thing I liked was the Kivet skirt.. except I already have a black and white skirt so I couldn’t really get into it.

    My favourite collaboration was Jason Wu for Target.

  2. Okay, I definitely wanted to check out your reviews, but first I must thank you for the vintage image of Paul Rudd. Yum.

    That lemon print dress is cute! Not loving the Marimekko stuff as much as I thought I would, which surprises me. I normally love their prints. Hmm.

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