Thursday Things: Closet organizing for city livin’

It’s the second week of my No-Spend Maytember challenge, and so far it’s going pretty well, except for spending $.53 cents on the boots I posted about earlier this week.

Instead of shopping, I’ve been working (SCIENCE!), cultivating a fancy tea addiction, and organizing my closet.

I guess that’s kind of boring, but hey.

Last week I decided I should make the most of my wardrobe, especially since closet space is at a premium in DC.

So, I stopped at TJMaxx/Homegoods (my new favorite place for housewares, because their prices are so much better than Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond) and purchased the following helpful items:

– Velvet slimline hangers (in a pretty olive green…yay!)

– A hanging jewelry organizer with clear pockets and actual zippers to replace my busted Umbra one – which is great but not so awesome if you’re constantly moving to new apartments, because the pieces of jewelry don’t stay put and can get lost during transit.  The organizer I bought was from Ellen Tracy, but this one has a similar concept.

– A hanging shoe organizer.  I already own this one and love it, but now I have more than 10 shoes, LOL.

Then I got to work immediately.   The results aren’t too exciting, so no pics, but I do have slightly less cluttery closets now.

Oh, and I already have these pants hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond and I love them so I’m thinking I may invest in the skirt hangers next.  Oh, and this ivy-design scarf hanger is pretty cool too.

I’m optimistic that with all of my clothes/jewelry/accessories organized, I won’t keep wearing the same outfit every day out of sheer laziness.  Hahaha.

Have a great Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Things: Closet organizing for city livin’

  1. I love those velvet hangers too.

    What kind of fancy tea are you into these days? I am avoiding caffeine because I am breast feeding (don’t want him to stay up all night), so I will have to live vicariously through you.

    • teavana nutty brulee oolong, tazo zen, and numi jasmine green teas have been my favorites lately (also tazo chai, but mostly for the caffeine content, lol). i also would like to try david’s teas at some point — i saw your post about your favorite flavors on your blog — but i’m trying to work through my tea drawer (i have accumulated a lot of tea over the year) before i buy any more tea!

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