Recipe: Lazy girl’s single-serve brownie

Disclaimer: In case you don’t already know this from reading my blog, I tend to be the laziest person…ever.

So lazy that brownies for dinner sometimes often seems like a good idea.  Well, that’s either laziness or an epic sweet tooth, but let’s just go with the laziness theme, k?

So I was excited to randomly come up with this recipe when I ran out of my beloved Trader Joe’s no-pudge brownie mix.

I guess kitchen experimentation pays off sometimes.


Lazy Girl Single Serve Brownie

Serves 1, obvi.


2 tablespoons boxed brownie mix of your choice (I am a fan of the Ghirardelli brand)

1 tablespoon pureed pumpkin

2-3 teaspoons water (as needed to moisten mixture)



Add all ingredients to a cute heart-shaped ramekin microwaveable bowl and stir to combine.



Microwave for 0:50-1 minute (cook times may vary if you have an old microwave, or live in high altitudes…just kidding, I don’t actually know how microwaves work.)




Okay, so the brownie is more of a gooey cake…but close enough.


Holy bad flash photography, Batman.


After you’ve allowed the plate/cup/bowl to cool for a bit, remove plate from microwave and feast.  I like add random ingredients I find at my house like chocolate squares and cranberry sauce, but they’re also delicious without random toppings. 🙂



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