Chic on the Cheap: No Spend Maytember Challenge

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately.  A lot.  In fact, I just placed an order at American Eagle Outfitters a couple of days ago.  And recently, after a stressful experience at the post office, I ended up at Ann Taylor LOFT.

Slubbed flare dress / Striped pleated skirt dress

(LOFT, could you not have all the adorable dresses a petite girl could possibly want?  Thanks.)


I’m the worst at budgeting when it comes to shopping.  Not the math part, but the rationalizing part.

My budgeting turns into me being like, “oh, yeah, I’m not going to miss that X dollars because I’ll get paid next week and I saved Y dollars on [this other thing] and plus I TOTALLY NEED this [paisley hi-low ombre maxi dress or whatever else fashionable people are wearing these days].”

Anyway, I ended up leaving LOFT empty-handed and heading over to Chipotle (sidenote, Chipotle is delicious.)

I decided to put a stop to the madness and create my own “no-spend” challenge.  I thought about doing the challenge in the month of May, but it’s already more than halfway over, so then I decided I would extend it through the summer and early fall.

Also, I wanted a cutesy name for my challenge.  And then I realized “Maytember” sounds pretty awkward cool.

So I decided on No Spend Maytember.

For the rest of May-September, I’m going to create outfits using the clothes in my closet, and not go stress-shopping for new outfits* **.

Which is great for my Chipotle slush fund … and my sanity.

* Unless I randomly find a job which requires me to wear fancy clothes, in which case I will get myself to Ann Taylor ASAP, but, well, that’s probably not happening any time soon.

** Except for the BR x Marimekko collection, which I’m moderately obsessed with right now, and I hope BR doesn’t do any more collaborations in the next several months, because that would break my heart.

Have you ever done a “No Spend” challenge?  Got any tips for me?
Want to join the challenge? Let me know in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Chic on the Cheap: No Spend Maytember Challenge

  1. Er… how did you leave Loft without buying those 2 insanely cute dresses? I have much weaker willpower than you do, which is why I tell myself I simply can’t even step into the store to “browse” because I will end up spending money.

    Instead like you, I head to Chipotle or some other comforting cheap-ish place to eat and eat my shopping urges away.

    I am totally a stress shopper as well. And a bored shopper.

    • lol, to be completely honest, the only thing stopping me from buying the pink dress was that i don’t carry my credit card with me when i shop (i think it’s in storage somewhere). that could get very dangerous for my bank account!

      that’s a really good idea about eating my shopping urges away (in moderation, anyways, lol). i think i will have to try that!

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