Neurosciency Friday: Kitchen blender biotechnology, being “HANGRY,” and more


 It’s time for this week’s installment of Neurosciency Friday (inspired by NPR Science Friday)!


Scientists at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland have devised a way to create graphene in a kitchen blender.  The so-called “wonder material,” which is comprised of a lattice of graphite (carbon) molecules, is strong but light and could have many commercial applications, particularly for electronics.

Pursuing meaningful activities may protect teens’ brains from depression.

Exposure to junk food brings out rodents’ (other?) bad habits.

The Y chromosome originated 180 million years ago.

Being “hangry” could be bad for your relationship.  But … if you’re like me, you probably already knew that.  And that’s why I carry snacks with me at all times.   Kidding.

Have a good weekend!


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