Weekly Faves for April 21, 2014: Fashionable and Functional Workout Clothes

Happy Monday!

I think I became hooked on running after I ran the Chicago Marathon last October.  When I say “hooked on running,” I guess I should really state that I have developed a love-hate relationship with running.  This year I have a 5k, half-marathon, and — yes — another marathon on my race calendar.  (Um, EEK!)

Luckily, a put-together workout outfit seems to mitigate all of those I-am-truly-insane moments that occur during training.  (Fellow runners, tell me you know what I’m talking about.)

Anyway, so here are some of my favorite workout clothes.


1. Oiselle Roga Short.  I first learned of Oiselle a few years ago when Carla raved about them.  The roga short is super comfortable and isn’t too short.  It is available in shorter and longer versions as well.

2. Old Navy Women’s 1/4 Zip Jacket.  I don’t own this, but only because I could easily see myself owning 23123132 1/4-zip jackets.  But I love the pattern and especially the thumbholes – reminds me of my old North Face fleece jackets.

3.  LookHuman.com has a hilarious assortment of workout tees.  While I generally opt for moisture-wicking fabrics for running, the “cardio queen” shirt is kind of awesome.  I’m pretty sure that shopping has out-cardioed  my actual cardio lately though.  (What?  Umm, just stay with me, here…)

4. Dona Jo JoJo Leggings.   Read RunTriMom‘s review of Dona Jo leggings here.

5. Old Navy Active Printed Compression Capris.  OMG.  For years I was a Lululemon fan — their wunder under crops are amazing, but I’m still reeling from their former CEO’s comments about women’s bodies.  Last week I found the Old Navy Compression line last week and I have to say that the quality is pretty comparable to Lululemon for the price.  The capris are pretty petite-friendly, too.

6. Leopard Print Nike Frees.  While on vacation a while back, I spotted some amazing leopard print sneakers (pun intended, I guess) at an outlet mall.  Later I encountered the Adidas Tech Super 2.0 in leopard print (now sold out) at Urban Outfitters.  Sigh.  These sneaks from Urban Outfitters are cute too.

7.  Nike Pro Sportsbra.  I’m a fan.

What are your running essentials?

Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Faves for April 21, 2014: Fashionable and Functional Workout Clothes

    • there’s a tjmaxx/homegoods (i think marshalls and tjmaxx are owned by the same company?) that just opened a few minutes from my apartment and i’m always looking for weird food there but i never thought to shop for workout clothes haha. thanks!

      • and I always forget about their weird food! my friend david always has awesome hot sauces and most of them come from tjmaxx

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