Ann Taylor Embellished Sweater Dress and after-Christmas shopping

In a perfect world, I would only wear sweaterdresses through the winter.  Also, I would not ruin the few wool items I own by machine washing them.

So when I encountered the Embellished Sweater Dress at Ann Taylor today, it was bittersweet.  But if wool and sweaterdresses are your thing, it is on sale today for 40% off with coupon code ANNJOY.  (Is it just me, or do Ann Taylor & Banana Republic have sales pretty much every other day between Thanksgiving and New Years?)


The sheer-ish bracelet sleeves…the bedazzledness…perfect.

I actually did find a couple of pieces at Ann Taylor — a cobalt peplum top with gorgeous pleather piping and one of their amazingly flattering polyester dresses (neither of which I could find online).  

I also picked up another pair of leggings at Ann Taylor Loft, evidently from their new Lou & Grey collection.  I’m not really sure which leggings they are, because I’m pretty sure LOFT was actually closed at that point, and I just really needed some leggings (A likely story, I know).  That brings me to three pairs of LOFT leggings purchased this season.  I wear one of them pretty much every day so I will soon be recognizable as “that one girl who always wears the same clothes everywhere.” But hey, I’m just minimizing their cost per wear.  Ha ha.

I also bought some workout pants from Macy’s for 80% off (same style, but different print here).


These exercise pants were $10.  Take that, Lululemon.

The Calvin Klein Performance Pants are awesome, with ruching and a fun print.  They will match my Dictionary TOMS nicely.  But due to the light gray color, these pants are vaguely sheer.  Oops.  But I will probably wear them anyway.

Oh yeah, and these slippers from Target are the best.  I purchased the pink pair and they pretty much make my life.


Found any good deals lately?

Have a great week!


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