Cheap on the Chic: J. Crew sale finds



Save 30% off J. Crew purchases with the coupon code SALENOW through 12/24. Oh, to be gainfully employed again.

Here are a few things I like (who am I kidding though, I pretty much want everything on the J. Crew website):



Mod Print Case for iPhone 5/5s, $10.49 after discount.  The bird pattern is also available on a tee shirt.


Grid Block Tee, $24.49 after discount.


Signature Leggings, $20.65 after discount.

I’ve actually never tried J. Crew leggings so I can’t speak to the quality. But this seems like a pretty good deal.  I’m definitely on a leggings kick lately (no pun intended…I guess). I’ve been wearing my new Loft cable-knit leggings everywhere!


At $100, this tortoiseshell clutch isn’t exactly cheap…but it is definitely chic.

I’m on a pretty strict budget this holiday season, so I’m trying to avoid holiday sales, for the most part.  However, it seems like there are so many good deals lately!  I tend to do my best shopping in the offseason though — especially random times like January and February to pick up winter clothes that I will wear year-round because I’m constantly freezing.

When do you do your best shopping?

Found any good deals lately?


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