Weekly Faves for 11/18: Shopping in the Gaslamp Quarter

Last week, while I was learning about brains, I also made some time to go shopping.  I didn’t have too much time to visit Fashion Valley (a lifesaver the last time I was in San Diego and my shoes broke…) but I did some browsing in the Gaslamp Quarter, which was right next to the neuroscience convention.  The Gaslamp Quarter is probably best described as a tourist trap, but I love it because there’s a Ghirardelli there.  Pretty sure I went there three times during the four days I was in SD.  When in Rome…

Anyway.  Back to shopping.  Just a few steps away from the Convention Center, I saw a boutique called Heavenly Couture advertising that none of the items in their store were more than $16.  I decided to stop in since I’m on a pretty strict budget right now.  The quality of the clothes were what you’d expect for $16, and probably comparable to the clothes at Forever 21, but the sizing on the items seemed more petite-friendly.  I ended up buying a striped wrap sweater and an infinity scarf, but neither of the items I bought are available online.  I’m not much of a trendy dresser, but it’s fun having a few on-trend pieces!  The Heavenly Couture store on Amazon has many items available online with free shipping over $35, and the boutique also has its own website.

Weekly Favorites, 11/18/13

Weekly Faves for Nov. 18

1. Contrast Cardigan Wrap in Maroon and Navy

2. Contoured Maxi Dress in Green

3. Urban Outfitters World Traveler Infinity Scarf

4. Zippered Faux Leather Jacket in Cream

5. Urban Outfitters BDG Linen Flats

I reeeally wanted the map scarf, but I exercised restraint and bought the linen flats instead (which were on sale for $10).

What are your favorites lately?

Have a great week!


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