Thursday Things: 30 before 30

Have you heard of the 30 before 30 project?  The goal is to come up with a list of 30 things to do before you turn 30.

I actually wrote my list last August, but was inspired to revisit it after reading J’s list of 101 in 1001 on Training Camp Rookie.

I turn 30 in about a month, though … I might have to go for 31 by 31. 🙂

Here’s my list:

1. swim 500m
2. travel outside of the united states
3. figure out my finances (getting there… mint has been a lifesaver)
4. run a half-marathon
5. host a dinner party
6. knit a scarf
7. practice a random act of kindness
8. write a fitness mission statement
9. own something upscale designer (and wear it!)
10. cook a complicated dish
11. bake bread with yeast in it (i’m thinking cinnamon rolls or challah… i’m the queen of quickbreads though.)
12. eat vegan for a week
13. join toastmasters
14. see my favorite band live in concert
15. do 100 consecutive pushups
16. keep a gratitude journal for 21 days
17. do yoga at sunrise every day for a week
18. watch 10 movies or episodes of TV shows
19. make boozy hot chocolate
20. go to a movie alone
21. bike the crescent trail
22. read 10 books
23. rock a statement necklace
24. cook through all of the recipes in a cookbook
25. learn to french braid my hair
26. update my blog at least 1x/month (so far, so good)
27. give blood
28. get a spa mani/pedi
29. do a no-spend month
30. take a pottery class

Do you have a 30 before 30?

What’s on your list?


3 thoughts on “Thursday Things: 30 before 30

  1. I just saw this! Congrats on all the things you’ve already accomplished, I’m all in favor of adding one more for a 31 by 31 to knock them all out! 😉
    Hahaha I love how many similar things we have on our lists… Great minds think alike, right? I kind of want to do the yeast bread challenge myself, just for fun!

    Good luck on the rest of your list!

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