Thursday Things: (Protein) Bar Hoppin’

Cardigans and Couture recently posted a few of her favorite bars, and I thought I would share, too.

not this kind of bar.

Like, energy bars.

... this kind of bar.

I travel a lot, and I walk a lot, and I always have a lot of bars on hand because I pretty much never know where the day (or availability of food) will take me.

I like to pretend that it’s because my life is super exciting and not because I run a lot of errands.  Ha ha.

Powercrunch bars.  These are basically protein-packed cream-filled wafers.  The PB flavor is amazing.  They’re not as filling as other bars I’ve tried, though.

Quest Bars – Everyone I know who has tried these loves these.  The chocolate chip cookie dough flavor is amazing, as is the white chocolate raspberry.  Rumor has it that there’s another chocolate cookie flavor on the way.  I have a box of these in my pantry, but I don’t think I will be replenishing them any time soon because I’m kind of burned out on them.

Clif Builder’s Bars.  Each bar has about 20g of protein.  The peanut butter ones are my favorite, but I just learned there’s a Smores flavor so maybe I should try that one next.

Luna Bars.  I love pretty much all of the Luna bars, but the carrot cake flavor is TDF.  The chocolate peppermint is a close second.

What are your favorite bars?


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