Thursday Things: Current Wardrobe Wishes

Like a lot of people, I have a mental wishlist of things I want to add to my wardrobe. Living in a big city, I don’t have a ton of closet space, so for the most part, my “wishlist” includes items that are either trendy pieces I can wear with a lot of different styles, or classic pieces that I can use to round out my wardrobe. I’m also a pretty picky/meticulous shopper, and a petite lady, so it can be a challenge to find clothes I really love and would wear for any extended period of time.

What’s on my wishlist, you ask?

Well… currently …

– Leopard print flats. Ann Taylor currently has a couple of nice options, in both patent and calf hair (the latter is available in size 5 only).  Check!

– A chic blazer I can wear everywhere.  I like the J. Crew schoolboy blazer in Navy.

– Little {white, navy} dress. I’m way too clumsy for light-colored clothes, but this ModCloth dress is selling for $24.

– Red pumps that are comfortable and work appropriate, such as the J. Crew everly pumps in vintage mulberry. Check!  Found a great pair by Franco Sarto at TJMaxx for under $40.

– Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. I just wrote about how much I love wrap dresses here.  A commenter noted that they’re super expensive though.  Maybe I need to start going consignment shopping!

– A versatile sheath dress, such as this one from the Limited, which I adore.

What’s on your fashion wishlist?


2 thoughts on “Thursday Things: Current Wardrobe Wishes

  1. The J. Crew blazer is nice, I had it in the Navy but returned it because I realized it made my shoulders look huge (I am an inverted triangle). Alas!

    Also, DvF wrap dresses can be found for $100 – $200 in consignment shops. Look around…!

  2. I love the J Crew blazer! I spent ages trying to find a literal schoolboy blazer like that at a thrift store, but with no luck. I finally gave up and got a wear-anywhere blazer last winter and I love it. I think it was from Nordstrom and was something like $60.

    Since fall is eventually going to come to DC (please!), number one on my wishlist is a lightweight coat. I have a denim jacket I wear a lot, but I don’t like wearing it with jeans so I want something else. I’m also desperate for a new pair of nice, verstaile black pants.

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