Chic on the Cheap: My fall uniform

I get way too excited about fall weather fashions…

if you ask me, fall is all about oversized sweaters & sweaterdresses, skinny jeans, scarves, and boots.

My go-to combination in autumn is a tunic or sweaterdress, leggings, and flats or boots.   I just sorted through my clothes and apparently I have 1213124124 sweaters and I’ve picked up a few tunics over the spring/summer, so there’s not too much shopping happening for me this season.  However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t found some adorable (and inexpensive) fall stuff on the internets.


Target has a lot of cute stuff this season! Naturally, I want to buy them all. But I’ll just tell you about them instead…

This one is my favorite!  I love the casual look, the slightly-longer-than-short-sleeves, and how I can imagine myself wearing this to everything ever.  Haha.


For a long time, Gap was my main go-to place for their awesome leggings.  However, a couple of years ago, I impulsively bought a pair from Ann Taylor Loft that are sooo soft and surprisingly durable (similar).  I kind of want another pair, but that may or may not happen.  Maybe a space dye pair?? Hmmm…it’s definitely tempting.


Okay, so these aren’t exactly inexpensive (although they are amazing.)  I refer you to my recent post on engineer boots for a more affordable Frye-ish option.  But I actually have a pair of suede ankle wedges that I bought last year.  I can’t wait to style it … expect a blog post on that soonish. 🙂


I don’t typically wear scarves…unless it’s really cold…but I really want a leopard print scarf this season. I keep buying leopard print things, and I’m pretty sure I’ll turn into a cat soon. But anyway … how cute is this scarf? These Kate Spade ampersand earrings are pretty fun too. 🙂

What’s your fall uniform?


One thought on “Chic on the Cheap: My fall uniform

  1. Yes, I am SO right there with you about the Ann Taylor leggings! Those are my absolute go-to. Although, I certainly do have a ton from Target, Gap, etc. too of course… Ha I think I may actually have a leggings problem, now that you mention it! 😉

    Oversized oxfords, sweaters stolen from my dad’s closet, and thick wool socks with riding boots is kiiiiind of my favorite fall uniform though. Basically what I wear every single Saturday from October to February… Whoops!

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