Neurosciency Friday: carbon nanotubes, sea sponges that look like Cookie Monster, and more

It’s time for this week’s installment of Neurosciency Friday (inspired by NPR Science Friday!), in which I bring you science news and tidbits from around the web!

I have to get to an actual writing project, so I will keep it short.  But there’s been a lot of science in the news this week!

Stanford engineers have built a computer using carbon nanotubes that could run faster and more efficiently than traditional computers.

A study published in the journal Science has identified a brain circuit that goes awry in overeating, adding to the evidence that overeating may have a neurobiological basis.

Quitting smoking may be easier for internet users who participate in health-specific social media.  I think this would apply to other health-improvement behaviors such as exercise and eating well…but I’ll just have to wait for that study to be done, I guess.

Experts have confirmed that fruit and veggie consumption reduces the risk of mortality.  I haven’t had a vegetable yet today…perhaps I should get to it.

And … this sea creature, which is actually several purple sea sponges fused together, looks like Cookie Monster.  Creepy.

What are your weekend plans? Science related…or not!

Have a great one!


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