Thursday Things: Thrifty kitchen essentials

Happy Thursday!

In this week’s edition of Thursday Things, I thought I would share a few things that I use all the time in the kitchen.  Not that I’m ever cooking elaborate meals in the kitchen.  Unless you call an egg and cheese wrap elaborate.  (I might.)

Mason Jars.  I know I’m super late to the mason jar bandwagon, but I recently purchased a case of mason jars for a kitchen organization project, and I found all sorts of creative uses for them — using them as glasses,  salad containers, gifts, and all sorts of other things (check out this link for a billion ways to use them!)

I found my mason jars at the Dollar Store website for about $1 each (for a case of 12).  Shipping is free when you have them deliver to a local store.  I actually had to drive almost to Maryland to pick up my order, but then there was a Dunkin Donuts a short drive away from the Dollar Tree, so it was all worth it.  Dunkin Donuts are a rare commodity in the DC area (although they just opened one on K street, so maybe not anymore).

Homemade green tea (matcha) lattes.  I randomly ordered a Green Tea Frappuccino at Starbucks a while ago (yup, living on the edge), so I was happy to find the green tea latte concentrate at the grocery store.  To make the latte, all you need is equal parts milk (I use unsweetened almond milk) and latte concentrate.  It’s an easy way to save money on that daily latte or tea ordered out.  I also recently found this matcha protein powder at Vitacost, which I really want to try!

Electric tea kettle.  I own this one: 1.5L Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle. For the price, it definitely gets the job done, although the top is starting to rust a bit after a couple of months of use. I may have to look into getting a new one.

Microfiber towels. They’re super absorbent and can be thrown in the washer on laundry day.  Here are some cute red towels I found on Amazon: DII Kitchen Millenium Microfiber Kitchen Towel, Spice Red, Set of 6.

What’s your favorite kitchen item?

Got any tea kettle recommendations?


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