Setting a clothing budget (and a gratuitous pair of Pour La Victoire Pumps)

I initially dubbed this month “no-spend september” but I’ve bought a peplum tank, two pencil skirts, and two Phillip Lim for Target ruffle shirts (yes, I finally gave in and ordered from that collection. No, I’m not sure if I will actually get any of the things I ordered online. I’m still reeling from the Missoni madness two years ago) which brings my clothing expenditures for the first half of the month to about $130.

But, it’s still September.  So, basically, I need to not be shopping right now. I’m hoping the blog will help as a creative outlet to help me figure out how to wear my existing clothes (of which there are many) well, but if anyone has any tips on stretching a clothing budget please share!

Unrelatedly, well, kind of relatedly, I was majorly surprised to find these cute Pour La Victoire shoes for about 90% off on Amazon, $19.99-$27.99 including shipping.  The only pairs left are for larger sizes (8-10), though.  I’m not.  Guess I lucked out there.  Haha. 😉

Do you set a budget for clothing purchases?  (Or do you wing it and manage to not end up in the red every month?)


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