Merona Pencil Skirts Review and Phillip Lim for Target

Happy Saturday!

I finally got my Target pencil skirts in the mail.  That would be:

  • Merona Women’s Classic Pencil Skirt in Green Marker ($22, here)
  • Merona Women’s Classic Pencil Skirt in Rubenesque Red ($22, here)
  • Merona Women’s Doubleweave Pencil Skirt in Gazelle Brown ($18, here)

I ordered the skirts in my usual size for Merona pencil skirts.  The classic pencil skirts actually look kind of similar to the J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirts in wool – the green one is a pretty deep emerald which resembles the J. Crew skirt in academic green.  Although both skirts are lined, the J. Crew skirt is thicker, and better tailored.  It’s also more expensive, of course — but worth the investment.  Anyway, here’s the J. Crew skirt again, in case you already forgot that I ranted about how much I love pencil skirts (again) in last Wednesday’s post.

The Merona Classic Pencil Skirts have a bit of a wool feel to them, and are stretchy, pretty warm, and fit true to size (for Merona, anyways).  I first made the mistake of trying to wear the red pencil skirt with boots.  That was not a good pairing.

boots pencil skirt shell

yes, i am aware that my door has several layers of duct tape on it.  no, this was not my idea.

Then I traded the boots for some flats (also Merona, similar) and I thought it looked better.

merona red pencil skirt outfit with flats

The green pencil skirt matches some Urban Outfitters flats I own (similar, not too similar but cute).

green flats and green skirt

i have the weirdest shoe tans.

Next, I tried to recreate that pinterest look that everyone’s doing these days (cardi + shirt/skirt or dress + boots).  It didn’t help that none of the clothes I was wearing actually seemed to fit me.  The Doubleweave was a bit narrower in the hips, so it’s going back to the store.

trying to be pinterest

Cardigan: Gap // Shirt: Loft (from last year) // Skirt: Merona // Boots: Mossimo


While I was trying on the skirts, my cat randomly decided to jump into the bathtub.

bathtub cat

silly cat, you don’t even like baths.


Speaking of Target, the Phillip Lim for Target collection hits the stores tomorrow.   I’m going to pass on this collection, because I have a feeling it would sell out ASAP anyway.  This city is full of determined fashionistas! Lol.  I absolutely love this dress from the collection, though.

Sequin Dress in Navy, $74.99

What are your picks from the Phillip Lim for Target collection (preview it here)?

Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review.   All opinions (and skirts) are my own.



2 thoughts on “Merona Pencil Skirts Review and Phillip Lim for Target

  1. Ahhh. I had forgotten about the pencil-skirting. Gave up on this type of garb several years ago when my thighs were thundering. I’m most certain I would look just fab in one now. 🙂

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