Closet organization tutorial and things I did not buy today

A few weeks ago I majorly pared down my closet according to this amazing and detailed tutorial. I bought slimline velvet hangers and pared the items in my closet down to 40 items (not counting shoes, coats, or suits/fancy dresses), and sold the rest on eBay. Now, when I go to look for outfits, I don’t have the anxiety of “what will I wear, I’m not even sure any of these clothes really fit me” because my closet contains a few items that I really love.

And now, every time I want to buy something, I have to sell another item.  Decisions.

So, anyways, here are a few things I did not buy today:

Gap luxlight striped cardigan, $18.99 in-store

I actually bought this sweater in the light blue stripe and the charcoal after reading about them on Belle‘s blog.  Can’t wait to wear them this fall!


TJ Maxx finds. Those cyan Chuck Taylors ($24.99) were calling my name. But I just put them back on the shelf.

Violet & Claire leopard print blouse, $16.99. Meh.

Calvin Klein dress, $39.99, and way too long on me. Sad.  I’m on the market for a little white dress but this is not it.

I sure saved a lot of money today not buying all of that stuff… ha ha.


3 thoughts on “Closet organization tutorial and things I did not buy today

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