Splurge vs. save: Chunky-heeled pumps, Pencil skirts

I’ll admit it, I’ve been drinking the Crewlade.  (That must explain the crazy-long absence from blogging.)   I tend to visit J. Crew at least once a week to window-shop and peruse the sale racks.  The last time I was there, I fell in love with the Etta pump – “heels for the girl who wears only flats” – AKA me, clearly.  (Despite being super short, I tend to despise heels.)

J. Crew Etta Pump in Wild Beet

I tried on the pump in the wild beet color shown above, and fell in love immediately.  But not with the hefty price tag, equivalent to a month’s worth of groceries.  So, I decided to start saving my pennies… well, until last week, anyway, when I was browsing the Target website and disovered the look-a-like Merona Meg Chunky Heel Pump in Red for almost 90% less.  Of course, the Merona heels aren’t suede, but I’m pretty sure my wallet doesn’t know the difference.

Women’s Merona Meg Chunky Heel Pumps – Red

I didn’t buy the shoes — when am I going to need a pair of red chunky heels? — but I found a few other great pieces, including these wool-blend pencil skirts reminiscent of the wool no. 2 pencil skirts I got obsessed with last winter. After some deliberation, I ordered the skirt in both Rubenesque Red and Green Marker!

Merona Classic Pencil Skirts

I can’t wait to style them! Perhaps with this peplum top I found at Anthropologie last week?


Stay tuned 😉

Have a great Wednesday!

What great deals have you found lately?


2 thoughts on “Splurge vs. save: Chunky-heeled pumps, Pencil skirts

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