Ann Taylor finds

Despite the fact that I couldn’t sleep much last night and ended up baking chocolate chip cookies with recalled peanut butter at 3 am, apparently I downed enough coffee to get me through the day … and to go to Ann Taylor after work.  I needed a blazer for my internship (which is 3x a week, and I only had 2 blazers.), and I found this cute taupe one!  The peplum-ish design is a little weird with a skirt, in my opinion, but for 75% off, I think I can make it work…


… shown here with some crazy lace blouse and a mismatched skirt …


… and with jeans (mavi “kay”, discontinued, ebay’d) and a blue sleeveless shirt that I also bought at AT today.  I love the neckline!  Although I may need to wear a tank top underneath for work.

Not shown: some pretty intense undereye circles (so. tired.)  and the pants I returned that were apparently wool and unlined (so itchy.)  I’m going to wait for a sale to get this pair that I tried on … which were practically perfect, but I guess for $138, you would expect them to be.

I’m still trying to get my finances in order (believe it or not, ha), and I’m not gonna lie, it’s been difficult to exercise self-restraint with all the 30% off sales here and there (and the fact that I shop when I’m stressed out, which is often lately).  And then making sure I buy enough things to qualify for free shipping (not always wise).  It is through these antics that I may or may not also own this skirt in burgundy (or is it oxblood?) now.  I’m going to have to figure out how to style it.  Stay tuned. 🙂

Anyway, I think it’s time for a cup of chamomile tea and my bed…


One thought on “Ann Taylor finds

  1. Oooh I love that J.Crew skirt! I too always get sucked in by the need to buy more to get free shipping, ugh. Looks like that blazer was a great deal though – I adore the peplum and the color seems like it will be really versatile. Good find!

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