breakfast pancakes

breakfast pancakes

Breakfast a few days ago: protein pumpkin pancakes, and a homemade latte. Looks meh.  Tastes great. 🙂

After what seems like an entire summer of frenzied travel (Europe! Canada! US eastern seaboard x10000!), on-the-go eats (which, most recently, included sugary, processed everything), and lots of coffee to make up for sleep deprivation (which was partially exacerbated by said coffee), I am making a concerted effort to cook my own meals again.  Seems like an arduous task. But if I subtract all the time I spend reading the internet and shopping online, I definitely have time to throw some stuff together and call it a meal.

So the other day I made these pancakes according to Claire’s recipe here and I topped them with about 2 tablespoons peanut butter and 2 tablespoons of my mom’s homemade pear jam.  I served it up with a side of caffeine in the form of a latte made with 1/2 a packet of Starbucks Via, 3T nondairy irish creamer, and hot water.  I may need to work on my presentation, but this breakfast was pretty awesome.

As a sidenote, I was curious about my caffeine intake, so I looked up the amount of caffeine in a packet of Starbucks Via.  It’s about 180 mg, which is just about the caffeine in 12-16 oz of drip coffee. I use half a packet with 16 oz of hot water, which is just enough coffee to wake up my brain cells! 😉

This weekend, I prepped some stuff I can throw together for meals during the week: quinoa with mixed veggies, raw pasta sauce (which was just OK; I needed to use up some cherry tomatoes before they went bad), and a modified version of Evan‘s butternut squash mash (my recipe was just pureed butternut squash mixed with a bit of almond butter).

It’s nice to be prepared for the week.  (Also nice to not be traveling today.  Whew!)

And with that, I’m out.  Have a great last-bit-of-the-weekend!

What breakfasts have you been enjoying lately?


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