overnight oats

howdy.  i have some downtime this evening so i thought i would post a breakfast saved on my camera recently.

this week i’ve been busy prepping for comps (a little over a month away) and a talk i’m giving to my classmates/faculty, and eating variations on oats – overnight, instant packets, etc.  overnight oats are my favorite because they prep while i’m sleeping 🙂

into this pasta-sauce-stained tupperware (argh…) went:

1 container greek yogurt (flavored and plain work equally well. 4-6 oz)
water/almond milk, 1/4c
1/3c oats
1 scoop protein powder
a pinch cinnamon

in the morning, i added strawberries, and cashew butter.  i don’t like cashew butter as much as AB in general, but it is great with greek yogurt.

oat phote.

this weekend, i’ve been laying low, watching tv, making ridic salads, and getting some errands done.   not too shabby… oh, i also made mama pea’s vegan protein pancakes for breakfast this morning, which were excellent.  i added a bit more oats to make them more cake-like.

ok, i’m out.  hope you’re having a great weekend.


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