‘ridic’ salads

hey y’all! it’s almost friday … i will be spending tomorrow escorting around prospectives and going to a thesis defense (exciting).

i wanted to post today’s dinner (also packed for tomorrow lunch, ha).  it is a mamapea-inspired original (to me anyways).

(not pictured: my messy desk)


romaine, ~1.5c
1/2 a carrot
a diced apple (what? an apple? yeah, i know.)
lemon juice (for the apple!)
1 sliced soy hotdog

topped with TJ’s bbq sauce (i love bbq, but dang, this is spicy.) and some mary’s crackers. fab.

i also acquired a jar of dark chocolate dreams (chocolate pb spread) yesterday and had it with breakfast, lunch, and just now with an apple for an evening snack.  man … it’s kind of addictive.

in other news, my march madness bracket is already messed up.  georgetown lost just now, apparently, and all of these other upsets occured today and it’s the first day! ah well … i wonder what other upsets there will be.  i have KU as my bracket winner but it’s just for fun/probability experiment, not for $, and i really don’t know a ton about bball anyways, haha.  do any of y’all follow ncaa basketball?  who are you rooting for?

have a great weekend!


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