things i’ve been doing lately

howdy, it’s been a while.  i’ve been busy …

– being on spring break / going to lab
– reading seven types of ambiguity by elliott perlman
– baking muffins (ok, one batch)
– getting addicted to mocha frolattes at saxby‘s (had to stage an intervention; fancy coffee addiction can be financially draining as a grad student.)
– eating ridic (i love this word; i don’t understand why it doesn’t get used more often) salads with hummus … yummus.  picture tomorrow (packed one for lunch!), if i remember.
– eating reheated oatmeal i froze after cooking it in bulk (note: if you want to do this, use steel cut oats – anything else will get soggy.  or, don’t cook the oats all the way.)

education in the news …

every once in a while ridiculous things happen with school boards.  have you seen this article in the ny times?  the texas school board has approved a measure to change what they teach in textbooks through a party-line vote.  yikes, hope science isn’t next to be subject to revisionist lawmakers.  yep … guess i went there.

anyway …  hope you’re having a great monday.


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