edible, audible

So, I never bought those jeans this weekend.  I was too busy listening to the weekend public radio lineup, cleaning, and reading.

Last night I made Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza from this recipe.  I’ve already had it for dinner and lunch.  and dinner again. I also discovered that microwaving TJ’s frozen mango pieces for 1-1.5 mins makes a pretty fabulous dessert.

Picked up a couple of free CDs from the campus radio giveaway box today.  I believe they give away CDs they don’t like or have duplicates of.  Last week I found a freakin’ awesome cd (Brazos – “Phosphorescent Blues”) and a downright cringeworthy cd (Andy Garcia – “Don’t Put Me in a Box”).  Often there will be notes from the DJs on what to play and what is banned by the FCC (explicit lyrics and the like). Tonight, I acquired this gem:

“This is gonna sound strange, but this is kind of a cross between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gavin DeGraw.  Sounds odd, but definitely worth a listen.”

Haven’t listened to it yet; hope it’s good.  Or at least lives up to this review.

Tonight I also made some muffins (out of a box) to take to a meeting tomorrow.  They keep pretty well in plastic tupperware, unlike these muffins.


One thought on “edible, audible

  1. That’s cool that your campus gives out free CDs! I write for my school newspaper, and we get free CDs and books too…except we’ll have to write a review on them!

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